Happily Hooked has shut its doors.

Note from Dennis Crosby, CEO of Happily Hooked

To our beloved Happily Hooked community,

As you may already know, Happily Hooked has recently closed its doors. I want to take a moment to personally thank you for the loyalty and support you've given us all these years. While I understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to something that has been a source of creativity and inspiration in your lives for so long, I’m happy to share some uplifting news.

Although we close our doors with a heavy heart, we are excited to partner with our friends at Creative Crochet Corner, whose platform will become the new host of a large selection of our best content. We’re confident that our members will find an environment filled with engaging new projects and patterns to explore on their website, and we truly believe our cherished content and beloved members will be in good hands throughout this transition. Our goal has always been to provide inspiring and meaningful crochet patterns to our community, so we are thrilled to find a platform that shares this same passion.


Dennis Crosby, CEO of Happily Hooked