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My Box of Yarn – The Crocheter’s Yarn Box!
Get your Winter 2023 Box! Use discount code 1A3PR9R to save 10% on your purchase in 2023! This is for Happily Hooked Members only!
Karma Cure – Free Shipping on US Orders
Karma Cure - Hemp for Life Wellness Products! Use code Karma20 to get FREE SHIPPING on US orders! Hint: Try Hemp for Crafty Hands to ease crochet pain! And so many other great natural products :)
Berroco Yarn – 50% off patterns – thru 2022
Use code HappilyHooked22 and save 50% on a crochet pattern at Berroco's website! Beautiful designs for beautiful yarns! EXPIRES 12/31/22. – 10% off at the website
Use code CocoHooked10 at the website to save 10%! These amazing tools & accessories were intelligently designed for Makers, by Makers. We're in love!
Craft Industry Alliance – 20% off membership
Use code HAPPILYHOOKED to join today and save 20%! Craft Industry Alliance is a community for craft professionals where you can benefit from the advice and support of a creative community and build your network. Get in-depth coverage of craft industry news and ideas, tools, and resources when you join today. Happily Hooked is a Craft Industry Alliance member and supporter and we’d love to see you there!
Lifeboost – 50% off healthy coffee
This coffee isn’t just good for YOU; it’s good for the communities it supports, it’s good for wildlife, it’s good for first responders, and it makes the world a better place.
Mary Maxim – 15% off your purchase
Use Members' code HHooked and get 15% off your purchase when you check out. Mary Maxim for all your yarn needs! The code is applicable through Dec. 2022 in the US only.