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Common Login Problems and Solutions

Problem 1: Did you copy and paste your password from your email?

  • Sometimes emails contain funky extras that cause an issue when you copy and paste. Try typing your email and password in manually.

Problem 2: Are you sure you are using the correct email address?

  • Your membership login may be attached to the email associated with your payment information and may be different than your ‘usual’ email.

Problem 3: Is your computer using an older stored “cache” version of the page?

  • Your computer may be trying to use older stored information. Please make sure to delete your browsing history or clear any automatically stored passwords through your settings, options, or preferences menu.

Problem 4: Has your subscription expired due to a payment failure?

  • Sometimes even payments that had been processed fine before can get suspended by Paypal or denied by a credit card company. You may want to check your statement or contact us to see if there has been a missed subscription payment.

Problem 5: Have you asked for your password to be sent but have not received a reply?

  • If you do not receive an autoreply from “Send Password” it can mean that your subscription is either registered to a different email address, or that your email address has been marked “do not send” in our database for some reason.

Still having trouble?

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